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‘Miserable end’: N. Korea threatens to sink US nuclear submarine in S. Korea

“The USS Michigan, an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine, arrives at a naval base in Busan, South Korea, April 25, 2017. © Cho Jueong-ho / Reuters” Image above North Korea has promised to sink a US submarine currently deployed in South Korean

Washing DC conducts “Mass Terror Attack” Drills

Washington D.C. will be conducting drills stemming from recent tensions with North Korea, China, Iran and Russia. Drills like this have never been seen before at this scale and recent activity within military mobilization and war rhetoric.  The pentagon and

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Russia moves troops in striking distance of South Korea

Video provided by Israeli News Live “Russia Moves Troops Within Striking Distance of South Korea, could this be the reason why Trump has backed down from the immediate strike on North Korea, and are we seeing Daniel 11:44 starting to

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Trust in GOD

We live in a time that is filled with unrest, especially in the Middle East. Even non-believers wonder what is happening. As always, Scripture can answer this question. God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 15, of descendants as numerous as

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Tillerson: “Assad reign coming to an End”

  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks at G7 summit ahead of Russia Meeting. Tillerson has condemned Russia’s alliance with Syria after Assad’s failed state. He will be meeting with russian’s prime minister this Wednesday with tension rising at an

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Sun Activity and Radiation watch

“Coronal mass ejections (or CMEs) are huge bubbles of gas threaded with magnetic field lines that are ejected from the Sun over the course of several hours.”(NASA)     Sources:    

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United States, Jordan and Britain prepare for War

On the verge of a military crash, The United States, Jordan, and Britain are preparing for a ground invasion of Syria’s Eastern border. U.S. military has teamed up with the UN to mobilize equipment and troops entering through Poland and

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The Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERN

The Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERN   Video provided by “BPEarthwatch” “The Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment (AWAKE) is an accelerator R&D project based at CERN. It is a proof-of-principle experiment investigating the use of plasma

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US Moves Military Equipment in Striking Distance of Damascus

The United States and the UN continue to play war games with Russia in the ever changing battle for power. Mobilization is in full effect. Mobilization: in military terminology, is the act of assembling and readying troops and supplies for

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