What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

What happened to the dinosaurs?
Listen as Dr. Lawrence discusses the science and Scripture that answers the question, “what happened to the dinosaurs?” December 3, 2016

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welcome to creation ministry with your host Dr. Troy Lawrence our program is to
discuss the science behind the Bible is it science versus the Bible or is it
science and the Bible verses the opinions of evolutionary scientists the
Bible instructs us that when those have a lack of faith
they’re required to go to the scriptures to increase in faith this is in Romans
10 17 for by faith is increased by hearing the word the Word of God so we
can go to the Word of God and and see and grow in knowledge and therefore it
then takes less faith to accept what’s plainly written in the Genesis creation
account and global flood so for today’s segment we’re going to discuss primarily
about the dinosaurs what happened to the dinosaurs are they

all extinct did they all go away was the creation flood involved did mankind once
lived 900 plus years those sort of things will all play a part and parcel
in understanding the science of the Genesis creation account in global flood
so when you look at Scripture and in Genesis 6 19 God wrote down through the
pen of Moses and he wrote preparing for the flood and of every living thing of
all flesh you shall bring two of every kind into the ark to keep them alive
with you so this would definitely include dinosaurs so it’s implied that all
things work were kept alive through the arc so Noah wouldn’t have had to take the
huge epically large dinosaurs but younglings little ones this would solve logistical
problems so we know from Scripture is that all creatures were kept alive through the
flood are there any other verses that indicate dinosaurs survived the global flood of
Genesis 6 7 8 9 and the answer is yes we can turn to job the book of Job the book of
Job is one of the oldest books written and enjoyed 38 God is describing to job the great
things he has created and he’s saying to job he’s trying to put Joe in his place where
were you and I laid the foundation of the earth do you have any idea of the size of the
earth and and can you call upon the dawn and Pleiades and an Orion can you tell them where
to go so God is going through all these great illustrations of his majesty and by default
then how small and miniscule job is and then God comes to two great creatures that he calls
the Behemoth and Leviathan and this is in job 39 the behemoth he says now behold now behemoth
so God is telling Job to look at the behemoth that the point would be that if God tells job
an illustration that Job can’t relate to or doesn’t understand the point is mute so God is
telling job to look at something that Job can relate to that job can see so God tells Job
behold now behemoth he bends his tail like a cedar this is in job 40 verse 6 and verse 8 now
a cedar tree was not small this in the cedar tree and mesopotamian era grew to be about a
hundred feet tall so this rules out directly rules out the hippopotamus or the elephant as
a description in job 40 so when mankind today looks about at the Genesis creation account in the
global flood and they accept how an atheist says what happened in the beginning then when it
comes to this portion of Scripture mankind will say okay well let’s go with the hippopotamus
or an elephant so that we don’t look foolish in the eyes of the atheist but the Bible’s directly
says he the behemoth bends tail as a cedar so this would be up around a hundred foot long tail this would be the Brontosaurus
or the Argentinosaurus huge creature and it rules out the hippopotamus and it rules out the
elephant then God turns his focus on the Leviathan Leviathan is a fire-breathing dragon now
mankind today would say okay we don’t believe in fire-breathing dragons let’s just discount this
scripture as allegorical metaphorical
and lets you know let’s just avoid it altogether but let’s pause here the look
the Leviathan smoke comes from its mouth sparks fly from its mouth it’s a fire-breathing dragon
is this even possible in the water and the answer is yes yes
chemistry has revealed that you can produce a fire without wood without spark by joining certain
chemicals together such as potassium permanganate with glycerin plus water equals a fire no snow
no spark involved no wood involved just natural elements now if you say these elements these
chemistry elements are impossible to contain in life you need to pause for a second because inside
of every living creature For absorption of nutrients in the in digestive tract there’s toxic
chemicals that would dissolve tissue hydrochloric acid this can melt iron so we have chemicals
within us now we also have in science a nether creature that is an example although on a small
scale of what the Leviathan may have been like and this is called the bombardier beetle the bombardier beetle is a creature very
small but it has in its abdomen three separate filling chambers and these
chemical industry chemicals are separate and when they’re separate there inert to
to themselves but when the beetle gets scared like when a predator comes in its
way it combines these chemicals to one filling chamber with its enzyme and then
a chemistry reaction occurs the gas and the in the the liquid becomes a
toxic hot boiling chemistry mixture it’s zooms in temperature to 200 degrees
Fahrenheit and it becomes toxic and it shoots this chemical out to the predator
in a fraction of a second now if we didn’t have the bombardier beetle today and we saw a bombardier
beetle fossilized we wouldn’t know what was in those filling chambers we would just think they’re
sinus chambers or air chambers but we have the bombardier beetle alive today so there’s an example
although albeit a small scale of how the Leviathan is is plausible and we have chemistry to back
it up so we don’t need to go to Scripture and annul it and say let’s interpret scripture through
the means and the eyes of how atheists say things happened in the beginning we can go straight to science
and in Christians believers in the Bible we
don’t need to flee science science is not an enemy we don’t need to capitulate
or give up any verse in the Bible it’s not science versus the Bible it is
science and the Bible versus the opinions of evolutionary scientists one
of the things that embarked me on this journey to discovering the science that
supports the Bible I notice a tactic of Satan that was veiled and I didn’t hear
this talked about in in church growing up when Satan tempted Eve and when
sainted and Satan tempted Jesus our Messiah he before he tempted both of
them he did something very particular he did something very unique and from it we
can learn his modus operandi his mode of operation and that is when Satan tempted
Eve he first tried to separate her from the Word of God and this is what this is
what he did he said indeed has God set and then he went on attempt Eve and with
Jesus after Jesus was baptized coronation his high priestly duties
and the father said this is my son and and well pleased then Satan said before
attempting Satan said if you are the son of God and then went on to tempt him so
that Satan’s mode of operation he first tries to separate us from the Word of
God and then conquer us through temptation it’s a tactic of strategy divide and
conquer there’s no better place to start than in the beginning you get someone away
from the Genesis creation account and the global flood their easier prey to pick
off and temptation because who wants to read a book riddled with error and then
they’re less likely to share the Word of God to an atheist because who wants to
walk up to an atheist and say hey believe in my all-powerful God though he
wrote errors in the Genesis creation account so it renders that believer
essentially without a weapon in this war on truth catatonic almost nearing the
point of useless because they don’t have a defense for creation and and they’re
rendered defenseless in this war on truth so we can learn a lot by studying
science and Satan’s mode of operation and in the Apostle Paul sets an example
on how to witness the Apostle Paul didn’t share a feeling he didn’t share
an experience he reasoned the gospel the Bible doesn’t tell us to appeal and
tug and someone’s emotions or feelings to share the gospel no we’re to use
reason to seek to ask or to knock and where to test things so we can go
straight to Scripture here’s one thing we learn about dinosaurs dinosaurs are
reptiles we what we learned today in modern sciences that reptiles will grow
as long as they are alive so dinosaurs grew as long as they lived so we can
look at the genealogies and the longevity of the patriarchs that walked
upon the earth from creation Adam and Eve until the global flood of Noah know
and their longevity is listed in the genealogies the average length of time
of life for the humans that walked on the earth is 900 plus years
first let’s pause is that even possible is it possible for a human to live 900
plus years the answer is emphatically yes it is possible modern medical science geneticists have
discerned that there’s a telomere ease and the telomerase job is to repair mutations in the DNA
well geneticist that are secular they have discerned
that when someone lives they don’t call it Godly ungodly they call it a
someone who lives a life filled with bursts outbursts of Wrath stress worry
toxic abuse to the body such as tobacco alcohol prescriptive and medical drug
use these things that cause mutations in the DNA that decreases the quantity and
quality of life and there comes the telomerase to repair these mutations but
the the quantity of telomerase that we have at our birth is the total sum that
we have for the rest of our life so once we use it up that’s it we that that
renders to a cell turning to cell death or cancer or the house itself dying so
if we live a godly life then we won’t accelerate the use of telomerase to
repair these mutated genomes mutated DNA and as it says in proverbs 3 living
godly obeying the commandments will prolong our life and be healing to our
bones and this is what secular geneticists have discerned and they have
even found that if they can synthetically produce this telomerase to
repair mutations that mankind will live a thousand years these are non-believers in the
Bible saying this so here’s the implications back to dinosaurs since mankind once lived 900 plus
years then so did the reptiles then so did all life
and that’s what we see in the fossil record the fossil record demonstrably
shows that all life was once larger all life had to then adapt to changes
environmental conditions as a result of the flood and adapt and those longevity
of life shortened now what caused the shortening of life so that’s what we
have is a foundation that all life once lived epically a long time and and since
reptiles will grow as long as they’re alive then a reptile that once lived 800
900 plus years would be epically huge we would call them Leviathan behemoth
mankind shifted that to dragons and now modern science calls them dinosaurs
those are all synonyms words that are the meaning the same thing so what
changed what caused the environmental changes that resulted in life-shortening and no
longer once little creatures living 900 or a hundred-plus years but now living
today 20 years where a creature a reptile only live in 20 years is not
going to be huge it’s not going to have the opportunity the longevity of life to grow
to epic size one of the things that changed was the concentration of oxygen scientists
around the globe have studied the concentration of oxygen is trapped in
amber amber is petrified tree sap and in in amber there are captured air bubbles
that captured the oxygen the air concentration and its elements in
prehistoric days and that’s not the only location in Glacier core samples
there’s oxygen also oxygen concentration samples that scientists have discerned
what was the oxygen concentration in life in the air while life listed in
ancient times and the answer they found is that it was fifty to fifty-five
percent higher concentration than today’s values so right now today the
oxygen concentration is 21% but in the trapped air bubbles in amber petrified
tree sap and in the glacier core samples they found that the oxygen concentration
was roughly thirty one percent concentration that’s fifty percent higher than today’s
value what’s significant about that in Genesis 9 God tells us that the life is in the
blood what is the blood carry? oxygen when we see today when a life is is insufficient
doesn’t have a adequate amount of of oxygen it suffers it becomes pale
lethargic ischemic necrosis things that are bad to the life so a lack of oxygen
causes life to suffer conversely when we want to aid life we give it back oxygen oxygen
causes like to thrive so we don’t even need to speculate on this
science has has grown insects in a hyper oxygen state that means an increase
oxygen state and this was done in arizona state university they grew
insects in a higher oxygen concentration what oxygen concentration did they
choose they chose thirty-one percent oxygen concentration which is fifty
percent higher than today’s value why did they choose that oxygen
concentration number because that’s what was found in amber in Glacier core samples
so what was the the results of growing insects in a hyper oxygen state
what they found is that the insects doubled in volume they doubled in size
they had accelerated growth and the cockroach was the only one that didn’t
double in size but what was significant about the cockroach is that it had
smaller tracheal smaller windpipes that carry the oxygen and why because a
greater amount of oxygen was coming in from its lab environment so therefore
the space was taken up with increased muscle increased tendons increased
ligament it was a super cockroach so so that the sum of the result the empirical
data demas really showed that increased oxygen caused life to thrive it cause
the accelerated growth and on average double of the size that was just in one
generation so what from the flood what come from the global flood caused a
decrease in the oxygen concentration you may have thought of it already
it’s the oceans the global flood caused the formation of the oceans matter fact
in the Genesis creation account but it doesn’t say that oceans reformed it says
that sees were formed on the third day the ocean water was stored in two places
it was stored under the crust of the earth in the deep caverns that’s in
Genesis 7 11 were at the beginning of the flood the the great deep burst forth
that’s violent these tectonic plates were fractured and move silently a
across and hydroplaned this is the theory from Dr. Walter brown it’s
fantastic notion the tectonic plates hydroplaned across these waters these
deep caverns and the water was squished out through fault line and violently
force through and then water also came down from the heavens a canopy of water
collapse and slowly rain down on the earth forty days and forty nights that
caused a global flood an entire Earth engulfed in water and then in Psalm 104
we learned that God then caused by the fast-moving tectonic plates the
mountains to rise and the valleys to sink down so that the oceans would know
their place and not come back to cover he entire globe with flood water so we
have the formation of the oceans as a direct result from the global flood this
limits the amount of vegetation and it limits the amount of oxygen production
because vegetation produces oxygen and oxygen causes life to thrive so other
scientists around the globe have done core samples and other places to discern
win these events occurred now let’s take Dr. DeMonigal he is a geologist and he saw
sand blowing in from the Sahara Desert from North Africa into the Atlantic
Ocean so he wanted to see how long has the Sahara Desert been around so he did
core samples in the Atlantic Ocean to determine how long the sahara desert has
been around and he brought up his core samples and he countered counted the
layers and he estimated those layers were years of of yearly blowing of sand
in the in the Atlantic Ocean and he determined that the Sahara Desert could
not be greater than 5,000 years that’s a far cry from saying the atlantic ocean
in in the sahara desert has been there for hundreds of millions of years so
this arid desert is a relatively new body of work from the global flood we’re
now you have the searing heat of the Sun no longer protected from a canopy now
causing intense heat on the equatorial regions thereby forming equatorial
deserts underneath the equatorial deserts other scientists have found
tropical tropical force and that’s what we find tropical forest once littered
the globe to produce the oxygen which caused life to thrive
now another point that’s critical to understand other scientists dr. Mary
Schweitzer she has found soft tissue in the long bones of Tyrannosaurus Rex the
thigh bone of Tyrannosaurus Rex in the state of Montana now this is open to the
elements so Tyrannosaurus Rex was allegedly this a decedent 65 million
years ago now there’s a problem with that you can’t have soft tissue such as
red blood cells connected tissue white blood cells in an organism that died
away 65 million years ago soft tissue is very fragile it won’t last that long and
another doctor doctor Armitage from Cal State University of Northridge he
found in the Horn of Triceratops connective tissue osteocytes
again you can’t have connective tissue and a creature that allegedly passed
away 65 million years ago here’s the implication the implication
is that these creatures died recently the book of job that wrote about the
behemoth and Leviathan was written estimated six generations after the
global flood that’s discerned from the longevity of jobs life he lived
approximately 220 plus years you can see from Noah down the decision that the
descendants age gradually reduced as they adapted to changes in the
environmental conditions that’s exactly what happened to the
dinosaurs they too had to adapt to changes in the environmental conditions
and as a result of adaptations which has changes within the kinds the kind still
stayed the same it’s not a change to different kind and
new functions no that’s macro-evolution i’m talking about micro evolution changes
within the kind so as the reptiles that we once called dinosaurs that God called
with job once Leviathan and behemoths had to adapt to environmental changes to
reduction in oxygen concentration the longevity of life for humans and all
creatures on earth had to adapt in the same environmental conditions you can
read in the Genesis genealogy accounts in Genesis five in Genesis 11 the
gradual reduction of the longevity of life as humans adapted to the
environmental conditions that’s exactly what happened to the
dinosaurs they to adapted to the environmental conditions no longer
once-living 800 plus years and as we know with reptiles they will grow as
long as they are alive what we also found in the strata is we find human
footprints in the same strata as dinosaurs this is found in the Paluxy River just
south of Fort Worth and Dallas in Texas and the Paluxy River there are human footprints
in the same strata as dinosaurs this is impossible with if the notion that dinosaurs
became extinct 65 million years ago so it depends on what lens you
look through are you looking through the lens of the opinions of evolutionary
scientists are you interpreting your Bible as mankind says things happened in
the beginning or are using science and bible as one unit and looking through
the lens of Scripture to intern interpret all the observable empirical
data and what we see you can go to my ministry website creation ministry org
and you can purchase my book that i wrote regarding the origins the origins
of matter space time in life where we discuss these issues in detail the
issues of how matter came about can we prove God through science is it
science versus the Bible or is it science and the Bible verses the
opinions of evolutionary scientists and I content that we can run to knowledge
because that’s what science means to know we can run to knowledge grasp it as
a dear Ally and increase our faith and it no longer takes a leap of faith to
believe in the plane written Genesis creation account global flood we now
have the science to back it up thank you for listening this was the
creation ministry with Dr. Troy Lawrence you have any questions you can go to my
website creationministry.org you can contact me there also you can get my
book Origins: The Origins of Matter, Space Time, and Life and
go to the website creationministry.org
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Dr. Troy Lawrence

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