York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1250 AM

Creation Ministry and Dr. Lawrence present the science of the Genesis creation and global flood. York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1250 AM, 7:00-7:30 a.m. Wednesday., WYYC 1250 AM.York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1250 AM

Please be a part of Creation Ministry by supporting Dr. Lawrence in broadcasting the science that supports God’s Word in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1250 AM station.

Creation Ministry: The science of Genesis

Dr. Lawrence will explain for the everyday person and scientist the origins of dinosaurs, humans, the earth, the sun, the moon, stars, galaxies, ice ages, polar ice caps, deserts, layers of sedimentation, petrification, fossils, and vast oil reserves. In addition, Dr. Lawrence explores the difference between evolution (macroevolution) and adaptation (microevolution) and the difference between evolution and creation. You will learn how dinosaurs became so large and why they are not visible today and what caused the dinosaurs to be extinct. We will cover such topics as whether it is probable for humans to live 900+ years of age and whether humans evolved from primates (monkeys)? Did dinosaurs and humans live together on the earth? How old is the earth? What is the origin of all living creatures? These questions and many more will be answered in the broadcasts.


No longer do you have to be without knowledge about the subject of origins. No longer when someone asks you about the subject of origins will you respond, “I don’t know.” No longer do you have to just believe what others tell you to believe regarding origins. You will know where life came from and the origin of life on earth.


Give Creation Ministry’s broadcast a chance, whether you think evolution is truth, creation in seven days is truth, or creation over eons is truth. Regardless, give this radio program a chance. Don’t stop listening just because there are views and deductions that are against the norm, against what you’ve been taught, or different than what you believe. I guarantee that this program will challenge your preconceived notions of the origins of life on earth and equip you with knowledge regarding the origin of life and the beginning of all things.