Study Guide-Section 2 of 3

In this Study Guide-Section 2 of 3, Dr. Lawrence explains the science that supports a plain reading of the Genesis creation account and global flood. He demonstrates that the science is in harmony with a young Earth according to the genealogies given in the Bible.
Dr. Lawrence provides unique answers for a whole range of questions about creation, including the following: “How did humans once live 900+ years?” “How old is the earth and universe?” “What evidence is there to support a plain reading of the Genesis creation and Flood?” “How did starlight reach Earth in such a brief period of time, from so far away?”
Whether you are an atheist or theist, evolutionist or creationist, educated or not, this book is for you and will benefit you.

Section II
How Old is the Earth?

12 Tectonic Plates and River Deltas 7
13 Radioactive Isotopic Dating 14
14 Carbon-14 Dating 22
15 Viscosity of Rocks 24
16 Moon Dust 25
17 The Magnetic Field 27
18 Polystrata Petrification and Fossilization 29
19 Distance to the Moon 37
20 Tyrannosaurus Rex Soft Tissue Found 40
21 Layers of the Earth 41
22 Transitional Fossils 55
23 Light 65
24 Humans Lived 900+ Years and Adaptation from Origins 70
25 What Happened to Dinosaurs? 83
26 The Big Bang Versus the Bible 93
27 The Big Bang Versus Physics 100
28 Evolution Versus Mathematics 109
29 Evolution Versus Physics 121
30 Evolution Versus Science 126
31 Evolution Versus the Bible 146

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