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In this Study Guide-Section 3 of 3, Dr. Lawrence explains, by science and logic, each day of the Genesis creation account and what life was like “In the beginning.”  He demonstrates that the science is in harmony with a young Earth according to the genealogies given in the Bible. Dr. Lawrence provides unique answers for a whole range of questions about creation, including the following: “How did God create matter?” “How old is the earth and universe?” “What evidence is there to support a plain reading of the Genesis creation and Flood?” “How did God create our atmosphere?” Whether you are an atheist or theist, evolutionist or creationist, educated or not, this book is for you and will benefit you.

Table of Contents

Preface 5
Introduction 5

Section III
The Seven Days of Creation
32 The First Day 7
33 The Second Day 32
34 The Third Day 39
35 The Fourth Day 53
36 The Fifth Day 63
37 The Sixth Day 70
38 The Seventh Day 83
39 Life in the Beginning Before Sin 91
40 Seven-Day Creation Versus Seven-Eon Creation 98
41 The “Gap” Theory Between Verse 1 and 2 of Gen. 1: 106

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