Land Was More Plentiful in the Past

Chapter 6

Land Was More Plentiful in the Past

Is it true that land was more plentiful in the past? The premise of this book is that the earth’s net gravity was approximately 13.5% to 21.5% weaker in some past millennium and oxygen concentrations in the atmosphere were 50% higher than today’s current values. And those two changes caused life forms to be enormous in size and to live a long time. What did earth look like when gravity was weaker and oxygen levels were higher?


In order for the above premise to occur, with 13.5% to 21.5% weaker gravity and 50% higher oxygen concentrations, there needs to be more land and less ocean water covering that land. The more land that is accessible for vegetation growth, the more oxygen is produced by vegetation. The ocean water needs to be stored in a place that somehow reduces gravity and blocks the sun’s harmful rays. Therefore, this book’s premise needs fewer oceans in order to expose more land. The oceans limit the amount of vegetation that can grow and thereby directly reduce the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere. Also, there can’t be any deserts or polar ice caps because both of them limit vegetation growth as well and thereby directly limit the oxygen concentration.

For dinosaurs to live long and grow to enormous sizes, gravity needs to be around 21.5% weaker than today’s current value. This means that either the earth’s mass needs to be less in order to support weaker gravity, or Earth needs to have spun much faster, or buoyant force needs to be much larger, or some combination of that. For dinosaurs and humans to live such long lives, almost 1,000 years, oxygen concentrations needs to be around 50% higher than today’s current value, which means more land needs to be exposed to grow more vegetation and produce more oxygen.

The solution that solves the above problem and fulfills both requirements of this book’s premise of weaker gravity and higher oxygen, is removing most of the earth’s oceans and placing some of that water around the atmosphere and some in deep caverns under the crust (surface) of the earth, leaving maybe one-fourth remaining as seas.


Review: Removing the ocean waters and placing that water in two locationsoutside and around our atmosphere and in deep caverns under the crust of the earthwould weaken the earth’s gravity because of the buoyant force and increase the earth’s oxygen concentration by increasing the exposed land for vegetation growth.


In addition, a solution that aids the premise. . .

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