Australopithecus boisei


“Australopithecus boisei: OH 5 (530 cc) and KNM-ER 406 (510 cc):
All life was once larger and had to adapt to environmental changes resulting from the Flood. Those changes were a 50% reduction in O2 concentration, and a loss of the canopy that resulted in reduced buoyant force, which resulted in an increased net gravitational force. The empirical data that life was once larger is in the entire fossil record, and can be read in the Bible that there were once giants on the Earth.Australopithecus
Look at the image, notice the similar distinguishing features of Astralopithecus and a male chimpanzee’s skull (~450 cc). Specifically the prominent sagital crest, minimal frontal bone, deep brow ridge sulcus, pronounced temporal crest, protruding zygomatic arch, and prominent brow ridge. The entire fossil record illustrates adaptation (changes within their kind, called micro-evolution) and refutes evolution (changes to a different kind, called macro-evolution or Darwinian evolution).”


Quote from Origins, The Origin of Matter, Space, Time, and Life, page 197.


Bottom line, we did not evolve from a smaller primate. Instead, the Australopethicus adapted to changes in the environment and became smaller to the male chimp. Evolutionists are notorious for merely placing skulls according to their ideology of smaller to larger, but the entire fossil record is of life that was once larger and became smaller over time. Completely opposite of the lie of evolution. And this fulfills 2 Timothy 4:3-4 that in the latter days mankind will accumulate teachers to teach a myth. All of academia teaches the myth of evolution.

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