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Homo naledi

Homo naledi “The latest alleged transitional fossil is the discovery of Homo naledi in a South African cave. By now you should know that every creature in the fossil record is of a creature that was once larger and had

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Australopithecus boisei

Australopithecus “Australopithecus boisei: OH 5 (530 cc) and KNM-ER 406 (510 cc): All life was once larger and had to adapt to environmental changes resulting from the Flood. Those changes were a 50% reduction in O2 concentration, and a loss

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How to Debunk Evolution

Learn how to debunk evolution by addressing the notion of hundreds-of-millions-of-years in the layers of the crust. Dr. Lawrence has some powerful insight to the conditions for life “In the beginning.” And that is that gravity was weaker and the

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