Circular Reasoning

Have you ever been accused of Circular Reasoning by an evolutionists? Don’t be alarmed when evolutionists say that Christians use circular reasoning. For example, “Believers claim the Bible is true because the Bible says it’s true, and the Bible is the Word of God because the Bible tells us so.” I have been persecuted by evolutionists many times with this debater’s tactic, and the following picture is what they will use:
Circular Reasoning
This is just a debate tactic to say that Christians don’t use science and physics and logic. Though the Bible claims to be truth, anyone can study the Bible and find out what it claimed would happen and what has happened. After careful study, we find indeed that the Bible authenticates itself with fulfilled prophecies and accuracy in regard to doctrine, geography, archeology, biology, and all the sciences.

Evolutionists are guilty of the very same thing that they accuse Christians of. They proclaim that one can determine how old a bone is by what level in the soil that the bone came from, and one can determine how old the soil is by what bone comes from that level in the soil. “The rocks do [sic] date the fossils, but the fossils date the rocks more accurately.”1 That statement is circular reasoning and not science, but that is one technique evolutionists will employ. They will accuse Christians of the very thing they are committing—circular reasoning. And this dogmatic belief is so strong that the name geological column is often called the geological time scale.
Circular Reasoning, The Science and Scripture of the Genesis creation and global flood

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