Study Guide-Section 1 of 3

In this Study Guide-Section 1 of 3, Dr. Lawrence explains the science that supports a plain reading of the Genesis creation account and global flood. He demonstrates that the science is in harmony with a young Earth according to the genealogies given in the Bible.
Dr. Lawrence provides unique answers for a whole range of questions about creation, including the following: “How did humans once live 900+ years?” “How old is the earth and universe?” “What evidence is there to support a plain reading of the Genesis creation and Flood?” “What was the environment like for Adam, Eve, and dinosaurs?”
Whether you are an atheist or theist, evolutionist or creationist, educated or not, this book is for you and will benefit you.

This Study Guide is Section 1 of 3, and covers the following chapters:

Section I
How Young is the Earth?

1 Gravity 7
2 The Effects of Weaker Gravity on Life 26
3 The Canopy of Salt Water 35
4 Climate 48
5 Oxygen Concentration 55
6 Land Was More Plentiful in the Past 61
7 Meteors, Asteroids, and Comets 64
8 Earth’s Spin at Origins 70
9 The Flood 71
10 No Deserts Before the Flood 79
11 When and What Caused the Polar Ice Caps and the Ice Age? 87

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Study Guide to Origins