The spin of the Earth is slowing

Spin of the earthThe spin of the Earth is slowing, and for this reason, I have been urging Creationists for many years to stop saying that the duration of each day of creation was 24 hours. The reason is multi-faceted, but primarily it deals with the lunar gravitational pull causing our twice daily ocean tides, which takes angular momentum out of the spin of the earth, and the moon uses this energy taken out of the spin to recede further away from the earth. The spin of the Earth is slowing because of the moon’s gravity and its effect on the ocean tides.


And for this reason, the spin of the earth is gradually slowing and ever progressing toward a slower spin. This should tell those who adhere to a 24 hour day for creation that since the duration of the day is 24 hours today, then it could not have been 24 hours at creation because we are ever trending toward a slower spin.


For some reason those who adhere to 24 hours, they think that not sticking with 24 hours at creation somehow undermines the Bible. No, quite to the contrary. By not sticking with 24 hours strengthens the creation argument for literal rotations of the earth in the Genesis creation account. How?


For one, when someone knows the physics of cosmological celestial resonance, they will know that the lunar gravitational pull is slowing the earth, and they will connect the dots that, A) the earth’s day duration today is 24 hours, and B) the earth is ever slowing its spin because of the moon, which is moving further away from the earth, then C) the duration of a day 6,000 years ago could not have been 24 hours, and therefore, creationists are wrong by saying 24 hours. And this may lead to many to reject creation based on this conclusion.


Secondly, Creationists who adhere to 24 hours, there is no scripture that ever says 24 hours. My contention is that this is because the Holy Spirit knows that the duration of the day is not a constant. That the duration of the day is ever trending toward getting longer because the earth is slowing.


Thirdly, Creationists do not realize that the science suggests that the duration of the day for creation and Adam and Eve was closer to 17 hours than 24 hours. This means that this information actually points toward a more literal creation account because the science is proving that the days of creation could not have been long epics of time. That the duration of the day progressively gets shorter the closer to creation.


Now there is are important factors in this equation, and that is the inverse square law and exponential calculations. For the further back in time we go, the moon’s rate of recession from the earth increases. The rate of lunar recession is not a linear constant rate, no, it is an exponential rate of recession the further back in time we go. The reason for this is because of the inverse square law. This law means that the further the moon is from the earth, the less its gravitational force affects earth’s matter, Specifically the ocean tides. And how this works is that the further back in time we go, the closer the moon is to the earth, which results in greater ocean tides. And it is the ocean tides that is taking angular momentum (spin velocity) out of the earth. This is the mechanism that proves the duration of the day for each day of creation could not have been 24 hours. The oceans tides today are smaller that millennia ago.

What does a slowing of the earth’s spin result in? Smaller circumference, which leads to more earthquakes and more internal pressure, which leads to an increase in mantle temperatures, which leads to more magma, volcanoes, earthquakes, global warming, melting polar ice, warmer seas, more tornadoes, more hurricanes, so that the seas roar with greater intensity of hurricanes. This is just the beginning. Those who say mankind is the primary or only culprit to global warming is a science denier and merely trying to keep people away from the Word of God because the Bible predicted these things would occur together near the return of the Messiah.