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Transitional Fossils

Quote from Origins, The Origin of Matter, Space, Time, and Life. Chapter 22, Transitional Fossils, pg 188. Transitional Fossils “Within the layers of the crust, there are trillions of fossils. They are not rare at all. What is rare and

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Circular Reasoning

Have you ever been accused of Circular Reasoning by an evolutionists? Don’t be alarmed when evolutionists say that Christians use circular reasoning. For example, “Believers claim the Bible is true because the Bible says it’s true, and the Bible is

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How to Debunk Evolution

Learn how to debunk evolution by addressing the notion of hundreds-of-millions-of-years in the layers of the crust. Dr. Lawrence has some powerful insight to the conditions for life “In the beginning.” And that is that gravity was weaker and the

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